What’s good about this camera is that it is equipped with night vision and motion detection function that sends alarm even when you are asleep or away. Aside from that it can function as two way radio for you to transmit message through it. More than that, you could also tilt the camera via app so that you can view the sorroundings with ease. So what are you waiting for? Record videos up to 128 GB using an external SD card and the world that you live in will be a safer place!

Camera Information:

  • Perfect for indoor facility
  • Connect through LAN or wireless through Wi-Fi
  • See live video on PC/laptop, android phone, iPhone, web browser from sitting anywhere in world.
  • Night vision through ir : see in dark also
  • Motion detection: send alarm when some motion detected
  • Two way audio
  • Tilt camera or rotate camera from sitting anywhere in world.
  • Record videos in sd card and it supports up to 128 gb capacity card.


Perfect for indoor facilites, the VTRX-02 (4Units) allows you to view what is happening within it’s parameters anywhere with the use of Wi-Fi and LAN connection.